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Plane Tour

Duration:1 hour
A plane tour from the sky along the most beautiful places in our country - a unique, beautiful and very unusual adventure. Incredibly beautiful landscapes, interesting historical and cultural sites, a lot of useful and fascinating information - all from the air! You will slowly fly over the monasteries, castles, canyons, forests and waterfalls. You will enjoy the sensation of flight and will experience, perhaps one of the most beautiful days in your life! You will be accompanied by a professional guide that will tell you a lot of unusual and very interesting things about the amazing places that you will fly over. This will add to your life "savingbox" many new, surprising information and valuable experience.
Plane tour Moldova

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You will fly on a single-engine plane along the special route. You will slowly fly over the most pictoresque sceneries of Moldova. 

An experienced pilot will brief you about the flight safety and afterwards will be your flight commander in the skies.

You will be accompanied by a professional guide, who will help you to learn a lot of interesting about Moldova.  

For an additional fee you may have the photo taken or video recorded.

Number of participants – up to 2 persons. 

Tour price :  340 euro