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Et cetera wine tour

Where:Crocmaz, Stefan Voda, Moldova
Duration:1 - 2 hours
Et cetera is a boutique winery. That is why we have a very responsible approach to the grape picking. We pick grapes in the Fall season considering all the demands to a perfect ripeness such as: balance of aroma, tannin, color, sugar and acidity. Grapes are collected manually in small baskets and then our workers sort them carefully. Only the best grapes get transmitted to the cellars where they get fermented- red species in stainless steel tanks and white ones in oak barrels.

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Et Cetera is a family-owned winery. They believe that love and care is the key of family’s well-being. The family takes care of the land, which pays them back with great harvest. Their experts control each wine-making process from growing eco grapes, fermentation and ageing in oak till serving the product to our guests at the restaurant of our winery. This way they share their experience and develop the wine culture in our country.

Et Cetera produces unique wines with a flavor enriched with the spirit of Moldovan territory. They cultivate relationships between humans and nature, homeland. They cultivate interpersonal relations. Thanks to the close proximity of Black Sea, Liman and the Dniester River in conjunction with well-drained, warm on the surface, cool and humid deep down soil a perfect terroir for growing grapes has formed.



The Program: Monday - Sunday, 10:00 - 22:00



Price per person, euro

1 – 4 pers

5 – 8 pers

9+ pers

The tour + 5 wines tasting




Lunch (optional)





The tour and tasting usually takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes

After the tour, guests can buy wine in the winery shop