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Chateau Cojusna Wine Tour

from 6 €
1 - 3 hours
Where: Cojusna, Moldova
Welcome to Chateau Cojusna Wine Tour provided by "MIGDAL-P" wine-making complex! You will visit to fantastic cellars where wine is matured in barrels and bottles; visit to divine production and storage halls; visit to wine collection «Migdal Gallery». This tour is full of impresions - tasting halls; specialized shop plus walk to "Chateau Cojusna" tower, where panorama of Cojusna locality and vineyards opens from "Migdal - P" S.A.

Chateau Vartely Wine Tour

from 8 €
1 - 2 hours
Where: Orhei, Moldova
Chateau Vartely is the producer of premium class wine made from the best European grape varieties, grown in the southern and central regions of the country. By the standards of the winemakers of old and new world, Château Vartely is a company that combines the latest technology in the cultivation of grapes and grape processing with a passion for producing high-quality wine.

Asconi Winery Tour

from 8 €
1,5 hour
Where: Puhoi, Moldova
Asconi Winery opens its doors to tourists offering a unique opportunity to see the vineyards, the entireprocess of obtaining the wine, a wine tasting and traditional lunch of regional specialties. Asconi has planted 506 hectares (1250 acres) of vineyards of various varietals. Among them varietals such as Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Ottonel can be found near Geamana village, in the Codru Region. The picturesque vines are situated about 40 km to the south of Chisinau and 10 km from the winery.
Branesti Wine Tour

Branesti Wine Tour

from 8 €
1 - 3 hours
Where: Branesti, Orhei, Moldova
Underworld "Pivniţele din Brăneşti" (Cellars from Branesti) is located in a picturesque area on the outskirts of the Old Orhei. It is always surprises many local and foreign visitors. "Pivniţele din Brăneşti" have a total area of 75ha, extending to a distance of 58 km at a depth of 60 meters under the ground.

Milesti Mici Wine Tour

from 10 €
1 - 3 hours
Where: Milesti Mici, Chisinau, Moldova
In just 30 minutes from Chisinau (capital of Moldova) is the world's largest and one of the most famous underground wine complex of Mileşti Mici. Mileşti Mici is a titleholder in the Guinness World Records as the largest wine collection in the world. It is composed of 250 kilometers of subterranean galleries (only half of which are used) that reach as far as the edge of Chisinau. The collection holds over 1.5 million bottles of wine.
Mimi Castle

Mimi Wine Tour

from 10 €
1 - 2 hours
Where: Bulboaca, Anenii Noi, Moldova
Less than a 30-minute drive from Chisinau, in Bulboaca village, you will discover a breathtaking sight, and you can enjoy a glass of good wine. Here stands the «Castel Mimi» - the first real chateau in the region, built in 1900 by the last governor of Bessarabia, Constantin Mimi, after whom got its name.
Grapes are collected manually in small baskets

Et Cetera Wine Tour

from 10 €
1 - 2 hours
Where: Crocmaz, Moldova
Et cetera is a boutique winery. That is why we have a very responsible approach to the grape picking. We pick grapes in the Fall season considering all the demands to a perfect ripeness such as: balance of aroma, tannin, color, sugar and acidity. Grapes are collected manually in small baskets and then our workers sort them carefully. Only the best grapes get transmitted to the cellars where they get fermented- red species in stainless steel tanks and white ones in oak barrels.

Cricova Wine Tour

from 15 €
1 - 4 hours
Where: Cricova, Chisinau, Moldova
Year by year skilful winemakers of Cricova fill its famous wine collection. Visit to the Cricova Halls is not only a trip to the wine country, but also a revel inevitable atmosphere of a mysterious Cricova underground, where one can taste its priceless wines.

Purcari Wine Tour

from 15 €
1 - 2 hours
Where: Purcari, Stefan Voda, Moldova
You are very welcome to the Purcari Winery Complex which includes a wine factory, hotel with eight luxury rooms, restaurant, tennis Court, fishing areas, billiard room, and barbecue terrace. This exceptional wine tour will show you the magic of the top-of-the-line wine making process. You will see the journey of the method of taking fresh, sweet grapes that transform into a wonderful, quality wines with famous blends as "Rosu de Purcari" and "Negru de Purcari". Guests are also welcome to see the cellars where the authentic French-oak barrels are used to age the wine. The tourist complex makes Purcari a perfect place for business meetings, seminars, trainings and other corporate events and celebrations. The restaurant capacity of 200 persons for "la fourchettes", and 120 persons for banquets.

City Tour

from 50 €
2 hours
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
We invite you to a 2-hour panoramic tour around Chisinau the capital of Moldova, adventure travel an Eastern European country. Chisinau is one of the greenest cities in Europe.
Steamboat Tour Moldova

Steamboat Tour

from 80 €
1 hour
Where: Dniester river, Moldova
Travel on a steamboat is a real holiday, enjoy of every moment and actually pleasant and memorable moments of life! Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of the balcans river recreation, feel the nice and pleasant wallow. A comfortable and modern steamboat will not just ake you along the scenic banks of the river Dniester. Your private captain will hold a fascinating tour, a ride with the wind on the waves and make a stop on a wonderful island, where you will enjoy a hot fish-soup, the beach and the feeling of excitement! This is a great fun in the lap of nature!
Plane tour Moldova

Plane Tour

from 340 €
1 hour
Where: Moldova
A plane tour from the sky along the most beautiful places in our country - a unique, beautiful and very unusual adventure. Incredibly beautiful landscapes, interesting historical and cultural sites, a lot of useful and fascinating information - all from the air! You will slowly fly over the monasteries, castles, canyons, forests and waterfalls. You will enjoy the sensation of flight and will experience, perhaps one of the most beautiful days in your life! You will be accompanied by a professional guide that will tell you a lot of unusual and very interesting things about the amazing places that you will fly over. This will add to your life "savingbox" many new, surprising information and valuable experience.