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Duration: 3 hours
Where: Vatra, Chisinau, Moldova
Nothing charges with cheerfulness and positive energy more than exciting ride on the board over the waves. Windsurfing is not just a sport. It is a state of mind, infinite positive and unbridled feeling of freedom and happiness! Speed, drive, adrenaline and incredible cocktail of impressions and emotions - that's what real life is about! Confidently and gracefully glide on the board with a sail on the water is a fascinating adventure, a beautiful sport and the opportunity to improve and learn something new. Jumps, turns and breathtaking rotations. One has only to start and it is impossible to stop.

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What you get:

- instruction and training for 3 hours;

- briefing on safety regulations;

- use of the equipment;

- certificate of windsurfer.  

Price per person - 70 euro