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Rock climbing

Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Where: Orhei, Moldova
A real ordeal for real valiants, desperate romantics and people who are able and willing to challenge the cruel rocks to conquer them, and stood on the top, feel the sweet taste of victory, freedom, happiness and bright and unforgettable emotions! Climbing is easy to catch, nice to be in fond of, impossible to abandon. It is adventure that combines a magnificent sport, extreme, fresh air, the endless beauty of nature and the wonderful, interesting, reliable, courageous and very nice people.

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What you get:

- detailed instructions on security and protection;

- basic instruction on climbing techniques;

- basic techniques and secrets during in-depth private lesson on the rocks of the Old Orhei;

- intensive training with personal trainer;

- use of safety equipment;

- transfer to the place of training and back;

- photo camera shooting.  

Price per person - 40 euro