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Duration: 1 day
Where: Dniestr
Rafting along the river on a twin-boat is a tourism for those who want to relax without tension and even a little lazy. A great opportunity to escape from the city, to escape from all the worries and problems, to enjoy spectacular views of nature and relax by the water. Rafting on a twin-boat will not require pedal rolling, oars rowing, foot stomping. You do not have to be an experienced sailor, in general no water experience is required. Dniester is quite a calm and smooth river, so you can enjoy a pleasant floating, a light swinging on the waves and thus remain dry and intact. What could be better for a man tired of city life than clean air, water, fire on the banks of the river, delicious fish-soup and excellent photos.

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What you get:

- transfer to the river and back;

- instruction and briefing;

- rafting with an instructor along the river on the special route for all day long;

- parking on the river bank, fire, fish-soup.  

Number of participants – up to 4 persons.  

Price per person - 15 euro