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Flight on a motorized hang-glider

Duration: 15 minutes
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Live a breathtaking life! The wings are above, the helmet is on, the wind is in you ears, steep turns ahead, and stunning views under you. Freedom, happiness, ecstasy, joy of the vast sky and the infinite beauty of the Earth. You will not feel the congestion during climb and in a few moments you're hovering right under the clouds, feeling speed, rapid ascending and adrenaline, slow descending and a full relax, twists and the miracle turns - any of this is breathtaking! Yet motorized hang-glider is one of the safest ways to get in touch with the sky. The most pleasant and soft landing is guaranteed.

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What you get:

- instruction on safety;

- 15 minutes of motorized hang-glider flight with the experienced instructor;

- use of a safety equipment.  

Price per person - 40 euro