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Wine Degustation

from 30 €
1 - 2 hours
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Evening of wine tasting is one of the most refined, sublime and enjoyable way to spend an evening. You will enjoy a warm atmosphere, charming aromas, the game of colors and fascinating dance of bubbles in the glass. In the journey through the fascinating world of wine you will be accompanied by a professional sommelier who will enchant you with its poetic and romantic stories about wine, share the fascinating legends, parables, and will open to you the secrets of this ancient beverage. You'll get answers to your questions about the culture of enjoying wine, about the rules of choosing and offering wine, about how to learn to distinguish between subtle shades of taste and what is best to combine with the most popular kinds of wine. During our tasting evenings you will get the knowledge and skills that will be a valuable asset and a source of pride for the whole life.


from 370 €
1 hour
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Ballooning is a fantastic experience! The storm of emotions and ecstasy going wild! Climb into the sky in the bright, beautiful baloon in an open basket and you will feel the wind blows the warm air and the incomparable freshness of the air at the height. This is an incredibly beautiful journey and perhaps the most unforgettable experience of your life. A huge baloon slowly and gradually rising in the sky, its ceremonial flight over the most beautiful places, monasteries, twisting ribbon of the river, an endless forests sailing under you - these are all the images that will be printed in your memory and will remain with you forever.

Rock climbing

from 40 €
2 - 3 hours
Where: Orhei, Moldova
A real ordeal for real valiants, desperate romantics and people who are able and willing to challenge the cruel rocks to conquer them, and stood on the top, feel the sweet taste of victory, freedom, happiness and bright and unforgettable emotions! Climbing is easy to catch, nice to be in fond of, impossible to abandon. It is adventure that combines a magnificent sport, extreme, fresh air, the endless beauty of nature and the wonderful, interesting, reliable, courageous and very nice people.

Horseback riding

from 20 €
1 hour
Where: Budesti, Moldova
Horseback riding - is a great adventure for all ages. This is an opportunity to spend time unusual with great fun, surrounded by beautiful, friendly and graceful animals. Anyone would be happy to break away from everyday worries and make the peaceful and relaxing walk along the nice outdoor locations.

Special Weapons Shooting

from 180 €
3 hours
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
A fantastic adventure for anyone who always wanted to stand side by side with a professional sportsman shooter and learn from him all the details and secrets of this exciting activity! The pleasure of holding in your hands the real firearm, you will feel immediately. Just as quickly you will be inspired with the deserved respect to the strength and power that the weapon carries in itself. You will never forget the feeling of cold steel, a pleasant weight in the hand, and the smell of gunpowder, which could never be confused with anything else. This gift is a unique offer, that allows you to test yourself and your forces at different shooting sites with 5 types of weapons! You will move from one firing line to the other, a gun will be replaced by a shotgun, by a rifle and then, finally, by a high-precision sniper rifle, where each step will reinforce your feelings, emotions, and will give you a new experience and skills of handling different types of weapons. Your true love for the shooting starts here, and may be even a first step on the way of the future champion!

Weapons shooting

from 70 €
1 hour
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Attration to arms is in the blood of every man. Having started with slingshots in a childhood, men become divided on gun owners and to those who dream to own a gun. This is a nice opportunity to hold the cold gun grip in your hands, to smell gunpowder and to feel like a real hunter or sniper. Shooting with extra-powerful weapons gives you the pleasure of feeling their own strength, supremacy and control over a situation. This is a training of agility, stamina and accuracy.