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Weapons shooting

Duration: 1 hour
Where: Chisinau, Moldova
Attration to arms is in the blood of every man. Having started with slingshots in a childhood, men become divided on gun owners and to those who dream to own a gun. This is a nice opportunity to hold the cold gun grip in your hands, to smell gunpowder and to feel like a real hunter or sniper. Shooting with extra-powerful weapons gives you the pleasure of feeling their own strength, supremacy and control over a situation. This is a training of agility, stamina and accuracy. 

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What you get:

- briefing on safety regulations and handling of firearms;

- learning the basic techniques and the rules of shooting;

- 1 hour time at a firing range with a target and one gun;

- 20 ammos caliber 5,6, 20 ammos caliber 9*19, 20 ammos caliber 357 (for 3 different guns);

- tea or coffee in a bar.

You can buy more ammos at the spot.  

Price per person - 70 euro  

Personal training lesson - 20 euro